Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oil Spill Escape Game

Play Oil Spill Escape

Attempt to outswim the oil spill chasing you as you jump over and swim through holes in reef rocks.

Play the game Play Oil Spill Escape Online

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Play Numz

Play Numz

Slide from wall to wall as you pick-up gold fish, and keys. Reach to the exits and avoid those bees.

Have fun with playing Play Numz

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BooZoids Game


Drop bombs onto the Boozoids as you try to disable them or get them to fly off the map from explosions.

Have fun with Play BooZoids Online

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy

Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy Game

Assist Christine examine the odd Ashburg Asylum and find her missing grandfather in this dark Hidden Object game!

Participate in Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy Online

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Drake Bell Dress Up

Drake Bell Dress Up Game

Drake Bell is popular among young audiences for his role on the series Drake & Josh. He is an American actor, comedian, guitarist, singer, producer and occasional television director.

Play the game Drake Bell Dress Up Game Online

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Special Pang

Special Pangt

Special Pang is a flash remake of Pang, the favorite arcade game in which you have to explode the balls which bouncing on the screen.

Have fun with playing Special Pang Online

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Parking Stunts Game

Play Parking Stunts

Parking Stunts is a flash car parking and driving game. Park the car into the marked spot without hitting obstacles as well as other cars before the time runs out. For every flag you will get additional points.

Have fun with Parking Stunts Game Online

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Play Stunt Master

Stunt Master Game

Smash, bash and crash your path to super stunt stardom. As the almost indestructible Flip Bashman you must conquer the world of Hollywood action films.

Have fun with Stunt Master

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Swan Princess Game

Swan Princess Game

This girl turns into a swan during the night, but at day, she is a lovely, glamorous princess. Have a look at her wonderful wardrobe and dress her up.

Have fun with Swan Princess Game Online

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Effin Terrorists 2

Effin Terrorists 2

Terrorists have struck once more! Can you take all of them down before it's too late?!

Participate in Effin Terrorists 2 Game

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Country Cowgirl Dress Up

Country Cowgirl Dress Up

Play this dress up game and become a cowgirl from the wild west.

Have fun with Country Cowgirl Dress Up Game

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Princess Dress Up Game

Princess Dress Up Game

Princess Tamina is waiting for Dastan to get her out of the palace where she is prisoned along with the dagger. The princess has decided to impress Dastan, she wants your help to select the perfect costume to flatten Dastan.

Participate in Play Princess Dress Up Game Online

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog Trainer Dressup Game

xPlay Dog Trainer Dressup

A gorgeous young lady is outside to train her little puppy. She needs to go to a competition in a few days and you have to dress her and her wonderful little dog.

Have fun with Dog Trainer Dressup Game Online

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Play Labyrex


Release your inner engineer on over 40 brain bending challenges in this interesting online puzzle game.

Play the game Labyrex Game Online

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Alien Asteroid Assault

Alien Asteroid Assault

Numerous twists, bosses and devious challenges make surviving the twenty waves of Alien Asteroid Assault a hard task. Even with a totally upgraded space ship, only the perfect pilots can survive.

Participate in Alien Asteroid Assault Game Online

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play 18 Wheeler 3

18 Wheeler 3

Drive a big truck around and attempt to park it. Also, try not to smash into things or other cars! You need to be fast, and skilled!

Play the game 18 Wheeler 3 Game

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Laces Girl Dress Up

Laces Girl Dress Up Game

Click and drag the outfits to the young lady. Press Finish button when you are all done!

Have fun with Laces Girl Dress Up Online

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Seaside Cafe

Seaside Cafe Game

Guide this wonderful waitress deal with all those seaside tourists coming in to have some of her reinvigorating summer drinks and tasty desserts!

Have fun with Seaside Cafe Online

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Play Hawaiian Girl Dress Up

Hawaiian Girl Dress Up Game

click on the outfit options to try them on the hawaiian lady.

Have fun with Play Hawaiian Girl Dress Up

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Lotus Princess Dress Up

Lotus Princess Dress Up Game

The Lotus Flower Princess needs your guidance to dress-up. It is now your chance to show her your dress-up skills.

Play the game Lotus Princess Dress Up Game Online

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Play Party Decorator

Party Decorator Game

This evening is the party night and I have purchased so many items for a great party decoration but I can't decide what to select! I'm drowned under decorations and colours...

Participate in Party Decorator

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Ka-Bloom Game

Play Ka-Bloom

A puzzle game about feeding a cosmic creature Floret until she blooms! Ka-Bloom is a thread-puzzler with clean colours and one of a kind gameplay.

Participate in Ka-Bloom Game Online

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eenie Balance

Play Eenie Balance

Balance the red-colored smiley face as long as you can.

Play the game Eenie Balance Game Online

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Slide Out

Slide Out Game

Slide the trapped eskimo out from the cave and help him to escape out of a cave which is going to collapse. In this funny flash puzzle game you have to find and slide from wall to wall, once you completed all of levels you can unlock the special double mode where you slide 2 eskimos at once.

Participate in Slide Out Online

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Play The Mummy Hidden Alphabets

The Mummy Hidden Alphabets

In The Mummy Hidden Alphabets game, you have to find out the hidden alphabets from the provided photo. Search thoroughly to get all the alphabets from A to Z, that are hidden in the photo.

Play the game The Mummy Hidden Alphabets Game Online

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Beach Fashion Dress Up

Summer Beach Fashion Dress Up

These two wonderful young ladies will spend some quality time on the beach together. Please dress them up by selecting the best swimsuits, fashion accessories, surfboards or swimming rings. Have fun with this summer beach dressup game for girls!

Participate in Summer Beach Fashion Dress Up Game

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Play Asterisk

Play Asterisk

Grow patterns to gather stars. Do not collide any patterns or you have to restart.

Play the game Asterisk Game Online

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Play Jimmy Bubblegum

Jimmy Bubblegum Game

Float up-wards with your bubblegum. Dodge baddies as you shot them with gum balls.

Have fun with Jimmy Bubblegum Online

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Hay Delivery 2 Game

Hay Delivery 2

Load the truck up with hay and travel the hills as you avoid spilling the hay along the way.

Play the game Play Hay Delivery 2

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Office Slacking 3 Game

Office Slacking 3 Game

Sarah has found a whole new job right after being fired for time-wasting! But she has not changed her lazy ways! Help her finish all the activities within 3 minutes, but make sure not to get caught by the nasty boss.

Have fun with playing Office Slacking 3

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Download Banana Bugs

Download Banana Bugs

Banana hungry bugs are ravaging the village food supply and you’re the only monkey brave enough to take them on in Banana Bugs!

Have fun with Download Banana Bugs Online

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Play Dancing Girl Dressup

Dancing Girl Dressup Game

Dancing girl dressup is a fun dressup game for young ladies. Mommy gave this sweet girl a dancing mat as her birthday gift. She likes it so much that she can not stop dancing. Please dress her up and have fun dancing with her!

Have fun with Dancing Girl Dressup

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Play Alcatraz Hidden Object

Play Alcatraz Hidden Object

You're requested to locate hidden objects through multiple locations on Alcatraz Island.

Play the game Alcatraz Hidden Object Game

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Play Intern

Mike's another day in work. Sadly Bob does not like him and is trying to make Mike's life harder. Good luck and have fun!

Have fun with Play Intern

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Tower Supremo

Tower Supremo

Stack the limited blocks as high as you possibly can. Don't let it get very unstable!

Participate in Play Tower Supremo Online

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Elixir of Immortality Game

Elixir of Immortality Game

Trip to a foreboding isle as you go on the hunt for a killer in Elixir of Immortality, an amazing Adventure game!

Participate in Elixir of Immortality Online

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Play The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer Game

Fire your homing missiles as you demolish generators to reach the exit and use your missiles to jump higher if needed.

Participate in The Rocketeer Online

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Alien Rover Game

Play Alien Rover

Drive your space rover on several planets in order to collect the alien DNA. You earn cash to buy much better body, wheels and boosters.

Participate in Alien Rover Game

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Play Sneaky Sniper 2

Sneaky Sniper 2

Study your mission goal and then blast some blood out of some brains. Can you hit their heads?

Have fun with Play Sneaky Sniper 2

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Play Screw the Nut 2

Screw the Nut 2 Game

Simply click objects in the physics world to get the nut to the bolt in every completely new puzzle.

Have fun with Play Screw the Nut 2 Online

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweet Musical Girl Game

Sweet Musical Girl

She is a nice attractive young lady on the stage! Make sure she is outfitted well before the musical starts playing.

Participate in Sweet Musical Girl Game Online

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Play Train Kissing

Train Kissing

In this 2d train kissing flash game, you need to guide the wonderful couple to kiss inside the riding train! Obviously you need to be sure that the other passengers aren't peeking.

Have fun with Play Train Kissing Online

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Download Golden Trails The New Western Rush

Download Golden Trails The New Western Rush

Saddle up for fun and be accepted as a sheriff in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. Find the causes behind a bank robbery!

Have fun with Download Golden Trails The New Western Rush Online

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Randomly Random Game

The Randomly Random Game

The Randomly Random Game is a straight shoot'em up game with a decent artwork and humorous sounds.

Participate in Play The Randomly Random Game Online

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Monster Run Game

Play Monster Run

Avoid the enemies and also the bombs they drop. Pick up coins to buy numerous in game upgrades.

Have fun with playing Monster Run

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Play Moose to the Moon

Play Moose to the Moon

Fly the moose to the moon. Pick up gas, cash, and armor. Upgrade your rocket in order to reach higher and higher.

Have fun with playing Moose to the Moon Game Online

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Play Box10 ATV 3

Box10 ATV 3 Game

Ride your ATV over the terrain and perform tricks without crashing. Lean and tilt to stay balanced.

Have fun with Play Box10 ATV 3

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Play Fat Warrior

Fat Warrior Game

Wipe out all of enemies, and pick up every coins they drop before they disappear. Slash chests as well as other containers to find extra coins and food. Use the coins you collect to purchase upgrades between levels. Advanced weapons require energy, so keep tabs on your energy bar.

Participate in Fat Warrior

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Ultimate Cannon Strike Game

Ultimate Cannon Strike Game

Use your tank's fire power to destroy the troopers in the physics building. Blast enemy tanks also!

Play the game Play Ultimate Cannon Strike Online

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The Great Gatsby

Download The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age is in full swing in this self-indulgent adventure. Bring this famous American book to life!

Have fun with playing Download The Great Gatsby

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